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Prioritize ‘Til it Hurts by Rodolfo Salas
Written to help readers better understand the planning process, and how to organize their thoughts to make their best opportunities REAL.

Interactive Tools:
Below are several of the Web based tools we designed to support a transformational thinking and planning experience:

XXXXXProfit Value Chain/ Critical Path for Profit
XXXXXTo identify and prioritize all possibilities for generating
XXXXXrevenue and profit

XXXXXRadar Screen (For Key Accounts)
XXXXXTo describe the formal and informal decision
XXXXXmaking process and the relationships among
XXXXXmajor players to develop account penetration strategies

XXXXXMajor Market Trends
XXXXXTo capture the dynamics in the marketplace,
XXXXXprioritize these based on impact and probability, and
XXXXXdetermine action

XXXXXVoice of the Customer
XXXXXTo capture customer unmet or hidden needs and
XXXXXdevelop value propositions to create market

XXXXXCompetitive Assessment
XXXXXTo assess competitor attributes vs. oneself vs.
XXXXXcustomer needs and determine action.

XXXXXElectronic Facilitator
XXXXXTo capture brainstorming ideas, prioritize and
XXXXXdocument executable plans