"Results speak for themselves in support the RSR approach.. These have been astounding with EBITDA nearly tripling and running in the mid teens as a % of our top line.

Rody Salas has been an exceptional personal mentor. His unique insights to business and no- nonsense approach to practical strategy development and implementation have been instrumental in our positive turnaround."
John Collins – CEO - Nursery Supplies, Inc.

“You have simplified critical thinking and decision making for us ....... Results have been remarkable with company growth and profitability level increasing 200% and 300% respectively since you began working with us.”
Ron Marshall – President and CEO - Helgesen Industries

“Rody's true talent lies in his ability to manage the different personalities that are inherent in any group setting. Managing these personalities and getting effective feedback while taking the emotions out of the equation is what truly makes his sessions so successful”
Todd Deibel - CEO – Universal Air Filter Company

“My entire leadership team feels this is one of the most important things that we have done to improve our performance in the last three years. It was helpful to have participation of our Board of Directors in the process as it also helped keep them focused on what was important for the business.”
Rex Niles Former CEO – FLA Orthopedics

“Your thinking is so rich and stimulating that I cannot go away from a conversation with you without feeling energized and excited about the future. You also create a listening and supportive atmosphere in which to air and advocate ideas. No doubt, this is much of what you offer in your work, but do not restrict it to those occasions. It is available to all those with whom you meet. A rare gift.”
Dr. David Watterson – CEO - WAI

“Prioritization and execution is 90% of a business’s success, and following this process has made a huge impact on our business."
Dean Scarborough - Chairman and CEO – Avery Dennison

“You have a unique talent for keeping a group focused, directed and yet empowered to make its own decisions.”
Dr. Michael Salkind – Former President - Ohio Aerospace Institute

“Prioritize ‘til it Hurts is exactly how you feel as you apply the principles Mr. Salas practices. It is a disciplined approach that gets an organization pulling in the same direction and that is when things get done.”
David W. Scheible – CEO – Graphic Packaging Corporation

“It is a fantastic team building process that produces results in short order. After participating in more than twenty sessions with different teams, I am astonished at the results.”
Preben Hadberg – Retired Group Director - SE Group - Europe

“What is impressive about your program is what you were able to accomplish with our team in a short period of time. You helped change our focus and develop a plan with responsibilities defined in three days.”
David W. Crozier – Former CEO - Datacolor International

"You have been a tremendous value for organizing, distilling and re-focusing my entrepreneurial talents to maximize results. Part coach, mentor and advisor, you are a seasoned executive with a tremendous process and keen insight for prioritizing business actions and aligning common vision within organizations”.
Ron Copfer – Former CEO – Fathom Interactive

“You have truly helped us to "prioritize" things that we would have continued to debate long into the future before we would decide. You have helped us to focus on a course of immediate action. In addition, we have an immediate document to use internally and to share with our other stakeholders.”
Sister Diana Stano – President – Ursuline College

“Rody helped us develop a clear differentiation strategy that was meaningful to our target customers and difficult for our competitors to replicate. The result is a unique, sustainable competitive advantage allowing us to achieve our aggressive growth goals.”
Samuel J. Villanti – CEO – Ultimate Technology

"Strategic planning has typically been shrouded by immense work and time consuming collection and analysis of data. You have put together tools which have streamlined the entire process without compromising the results. All-in-all, it is the best planning process that I've been involved in."
Bruce Boczkiewicz - CEO - Nordco

“The results have been dramatically better with more thorough analysis, team building and total organizational ownership.”
Michael Kirchoff – Former CEO - Dialight, Inc.

“You have moved our strategic plan from the shelf into the hands of management. Our Operational Value Chain is a constant reminder of how we create value for our customers, and most importantly, where we must spend our energy to create even more value in the future.”
Brian L. Dunsirn - President - Dunsirn Industries

“You helped us visualize and get our entire leadership team on the same page on where we needed excel to create maximum value for the customer, and where we needed to focus to achieve and/or maintain market differentiation.”
Dr. Virgil Smail – Former President – American Institute of Baking
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