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“Your thinking is so rich and stimulating that I cannot go away from a conversation with you without feeling energized and excited about the future. You also create a listening and supportive atmosphere in which to air and advocate ideas. No doubt, this is much of what you offer in your work, but do not restrict it to those occasions. It is available to all those with whom you meet. A rare gift.”

Dr. David Watterson – CEO - WAI
“Rody's true talent lies in his ability to manage the different personalities that are inherent in any group setting. Managing these personalities and getting effective feedback while taking the emotions out of the equation is what truly makes his sessions so successful”

Todd Deibel - CEO – Universal Air Filter Company Industries
“You have simplified critical thinking and decision making for us ....... Results have been remarkable with company growth and profitability level increasing 200% and 300% respectively since you began working with us.”

Ron Marshall – President and CEO - Helgesen Industries
Our Clients Drive Significant Growth by:
• Anticipating and responding to changing market dynamics,
• Building strong, aligned and highly motivated teams, and
• Delivering unique and differentiated value to those they serve.
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• Prioritizing their highest potential opportunities,
• Executing with discipline, and
• Holding themselves accountable for superior results.
They do so With Confidence by: